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Harpists who have recently presented performances and worked with students in the UNT Harp Studio:

  • Lynne Aspnes
  • Jacquelyn Bartlett
  • Rachel Brandwein
  • Sasha Boldachev
  • Greg Buchanan
  • Michael Colgrass (composer, performer, author, presenter)
  • Kimberly Snaufer DeRosa
  • Paula Fagerburg
  • Delaine Leonard Fedson
  • Alice Giles
  • Chiara Granata
  • Deborah Hoffman
  • Therese Honey
  • Cindy Horstman and Michael Medina
  • Kathy Kienzle
  • Yolanda Kondonassis
  • Emily Levin
  • Judy Loman
  • Susann McDonald
  • Carrol McLaughlin
  • Emily Mitchell
  • Alfredo Rolando Ortiz
  • Isabelle Perrin
  • Maria Luisa Rayan
  • Yumiko Endo Schlaffer
  • Louise Trotter
  • David Williams
  • Peter Wiley (harp technician)
  • Linda Wood
  • Ann Yeung








Weekly harp masterclass: Mondays, 4:00-5:30 in MU268 or MU290 (during the fall and spring semesters)
Guests are always welcome to attend and/or perform. Please email or call 940-565-3739 if you wish to visit.

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